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50 bảng màu tuyển chọn dùng tham khảo cho thiết kế web

50 bảng màu tuyển chọn dùng tham khảo cho thiết kế web, đây là 50 color scheme đã đoạt giải trong những cuộc thi thiết kế mình sưu tầm lại dành tham khảo ý tưởng

1 Colorful and Balanced

2 Bright Accent Colors

3 Natural and Earthy

4 Cool and Fresh

5 Audacious and Vibrant

6 Vermillion and Russian Green

7 Stylish and Sophisticated

8 Purple Tints and Tones

9 Deep Purples and Blues

10 Contemporary and Bold

11 Lively and Inviting

12 Striking and Simple

13 Red and Lively

14 Artsy and Creative

15 Elegant Yet Approachable

16 Sleek and Futuristic

17 Innovative and Audacious

18 Texturized and Dynamic

19 Minimal Yet Warm

20 Vivid and Sharp

21 Clean and Energetic

22 Corporate and Traditional

23 Blue and Refreshing

24 Clean and Modern

25 Vibrant and Elegant

26 Youthful and Fun

27 Gorgeous Contrast

28 Effective Accent Colors

29 Modernity in Full Bloom

30 Close to Nature

31 Bright Pink and Pastels

32 Unique Combination

33 Striking Citrus Colors

34 Vivid Blues and Orange

35 Rose Red and Blueberry

36 Audacious and Unique

37 Cheerful and Energetic

38 Snowy Yet Warm

39 Rich and Colorful

40 Modern and Minimalist

41 Intrepid and Fearless

42 Flat Design Colors

43 Eclectic and Peaceful

44 Classy and Traditional

45 Accent Colors That Pop

46 Corporate and Serious

47 Glamorous and Fashion-Forward

48 Eye-Catching and Sleek

49 Loud and In-Your-Face

50 Lively Yet Soothing

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